After graduating from Texas State University Summer 2018, I realized how unhappy I was with myself. I had the degree, a great job and the stability any new graduate dreams of, but I still wasn’t satisfied with my body and being in my own skin.

I tried everything on the market from teas, weight loss pills, shakes and fad diets and never saw long-lasting results. After attempting and failing every weight loss shortcut, I decided— "I’m just gonna workout and eat better and see where it goes."

Now 3 years later I am an ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) Certified Personal Trainer. I have experienced being overweight, underweight and now I’m the fittest I've ever been— I feel extremely confident in my ability to help my clients reach their goals.

I battled with Crohn’s Disease as a child which made basic activities like eating and walking extremely difficult at times without medical assistance. It’s not something I share often because it’s something I overcome daily, and is the reason I'm so passionate about fitness and wellness. Our body deserves so much love and attention from the inside and out.

If you don’t leave your session feeling like a badass, then I didn’t do my job. My goal is to cheer you on as I help you unlock new levels mentally and physically. The first step is showing up. Are you ready?  

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