Presh Fitness LLC General Policies:




Masks are currently not required, however if you feel sick in ANY WAY (allergies included) DO NOT SHOW UP. Please contact us immediately if you are feeling sick.


All scheduling will be handled by your trainer.

Reschedules will NOT be permitted if requested less than 24 hours before your scheduled session.


Sessions WILL NOT START EARLY unless your coach reaches out to you personally to start your session early.


There is a 5 minute grace period. Any arrivals AFTER 5 minutes are considered LATE and will be cancelled. We will not extend the session if you are late.

Same day cancels and no-show cancels MAY NOT be rescheduled/made up and are unacceptable.


A fee of $20 will be charged to the card on file for all no shows and same day cancellations.

Please COMMUNICATE with your coach if you are uncertain of your availability/schedule. We are willing to work with your reschedule due to extenuating circumstances, but please do not abuse this as we have the right to say NO to reschedules that we deem non-extenuating. Thank you!

Sessions not rescheduled/redeemed after 60 days of purchase will be become VOIDED and unredeemable.




Payment: Both partners must pay upfront before sessions are scheduled.

If one partner can’t make it to the session, the entire session will be cancelled per COACH. Partner sessions are discounted and it is considered a 1-1 session if only one partner shows up. We will not train clients 1-1 that are signed up as partners. 

Partners must communicate 24 hours prior to session if both participants will not be present, otherwise it will be considered a cancelled session. This is a team commitment and we all need to respect each other's time.

All other stated policies and terms regarding payment, attendance, etc apply to partner training arrangements.



3 Same Day Cancellations may result in termination.

3 Tardies (More than 5 minutes late) may result in termination.

Excessive (2 or more) no shows are grounds for termination.
Missed payment or nonpayment may result in termination. 

NO refunds are issued for terminations, regardless of circumstance.

If your payment has failed, all upcoming 1x1 training and programming will be terminated. This includes failure of $20 same day cancel fee or a no show fee.


PRESH FITNESS LLC COACHES may terminate under any circumstances based on our discretion.

Clients that display disrespectful behavior will be terminated.

Termination is a last resort, however this policy will be executed, if needed. Please do not expect a warning, as this policy is direct and firm.


All clients on a payment plan will be charged monthly or biweekly depending on the package until the due balance is paid.


SPLIT payments are available only for clients booking a 3 month package and must be paid by 5PM CST on or before the due date. Failure to meet our payment deadline, will result in termination with no exceptions.



In the unlikely circumstance that it is determined by our coaches that we are not compatible for personal training services, a partial refund may be provided based on term length and payments already submitted.



If we are unable to reach you after 2 attempts to collect missed payment, all programming will be terminated immediately.


If your payment fails, your upcoming sessions WILL be cancelled. PLEASE COMMUNICATE WITH US for any concerns you may have regarding your payments. We will NOT train clients if their payment has not went through. There are no exceptions to this. Nonpayment will result in termination of all programming. Failure to complete remaining payments may result in termination without refund.

Your initial payment only secures your package; it is non refundable.

Gym membership is required before training.


Weekly Session Limits:

8 session package: UP TO 2 sessions per week

10/12 session package: UP TO 3 sessions per week.

“UP TO” means that you may not always get 2 or 3 sessions per week due to different reasons such as, limited availability, or the personal trainer is out due to sick time, vacation, or emergencies. Purchasing a package ensures that you are able to secure X amount of sessions within a 4 week span. This does NOT guarantee you will meet with the trainer for a designated number of occurrences per week. However, it is strongly encouraged that we meet on a consistent basis. Pre-booking is highly encouraged.

Online Coaching:

At initial purchase of an online coaching program, you will receive an email from the Trainerize app and will be required to download the app and fill in required information.

TRAINERIZE ACCESS: If there is no activity on your Trainerize account for 2 weeks, we will deactivate your account, as this is a pay per client app that we use for client management.


DISCLAIMER: Please consult with your physician before starting any exercise or changing your diet.

This information is also available HERE.